Boost Your Performance founder is Richard Sekesan a NINE time Ironman Triathlon finisher, Human Vitality Specialist, Elite Performance Life Coach, Triathlon Australia Development Coach, Speaker and Mentor. Richard's inspired mission and vision with Boost Your Performance is to help people achieve and fulfill phenomenal vitality in their lives.
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Boost Your Performance will help you achieve
IRON MAN level Vitality
IRON MAN level Goals
IRON MAN level Enthusiasm
IRON MAN level Energy
In your life.
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"Richard’s motivation “coaching” stuck with me in a very positive light. So I would like to thank Richard & if it may have not been for him, my partner & I may still be feeling down & stuck in a very mundane headspace." – Jai Vrhowec
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Foundation – The Key for Success

Hey guys, Hope you're all well :) Here's some food for thought... Generally speaking, you wouldn't eat your gravy without your meat and potatoes (well if you eat that kind of food!), so to, you cannot transcend to your next level of physical vitality, fitness if you will , training, exercise, your 'gravy' … Read More »

Confidence Inspiration and Goals Seminar Tuesday July 23

Hi guys, Do you ever see some people and wonder the following? Where do they get all that confidence from? I bet they never had any self doubt! How is it that they have so much energy? I wish I could just jump out of bed and begin a brand new day with loads of enthusiasm! My name is Richard Sekesan, and … Read More »


Distraction Mastery

Hey guys, Have you ever found yourself losing focus on something? How have you dealt with it? Did you adjust or become increasingly frustrated?  It’s a big one I know. Distraction mastery is something we all can benefit from. True story. In 2008, the eve of Ironman France, there was the annual French … Read More »